The last ride of the Lazy Randonneur…

26 06 2013
Adios Amigos...

Adios Amigos…

This blog has run out of space and I’ve sold my rando bike so I can use the $$ to buy a new 650B MTB and so I can focus my bikey energies on mountain biking & dirt touring. It seemed like an appropriate time to let the Lazy Randonneur ride off into the sunset.

Unless WordPress gets mean this blog should continue to exist as a reference for you and me. You can still access my old Lazy Rando Blog over at Blogger if you want to go way back to 2006.

I figure 7yrs and ~2500 posts of the Lazy Randonneur has been a great run. Thanks for reading! 🙂



I’ve got some other feeds that are still rolling along, but at a slower speed. The links are below. Don’t expect regular updates though – they’ll happen sporadically.

Where did the trail go?

Where did the trail go?

One practical note – I’m going to keep updating the links on this blog. It’s got a ton of good ones and I don’t see any reason to move them to a new site.

New Look…

26 02 2013
Gratuitous LHT porn...

Gratuitous LHT porn…

Update: looks like the old theme Freshly is working again so back we go.

The old blog theme on WordPress went all wonky on me so I grabbed a new one. I’m not sure this one will stick, but it’s working for now. My main complaint is that posts containing just a Vimeo or Youtube video don’t show any visual preview on the main page of the blog. So you have to click through to the post to see them – not ideal.

If anyone has any cunning ideas how to fix that let me know. I like the rest of the Oxygen Theme. 🙂

Canadian Cartel…

18 11 2012

Click to jump to the CDN Cartel site…

I joined Canadian Cartel recently. They have rotating clearance sales of outdoor gear that last 3-4 days each – mostly focused on mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The deals are 50% off or better. So far Sharon and I have bought some clothing during a Blur sale and the process was easy and we rec’d our items as advertized. They had a couple really sweet sales of bike gear that I was tempted by, but I have to save my $$$ so I resisted. The prices were competitive with the best deals I’ve seen for similar gear at other online retailers.

The current sale is on Icebreaker Merino wool clothing.

You have to join Canadian Cartel to see the deals. Joining is free and there is no obligation to buy anything. You will get ~2 emails a week letting you know when a new sale starts and what sort of stuff is being sold.

So far I’ve been interested in about 50% of the sales they have posted and the deals have been really good. I’m using the site to stock up on stuff I can use, but don’t need ASAP. For example I bought a pair of shorts that were selling for $70 at MEC and were discounted to $35 on Canadian Cartel. I could live without them at full MSRP, but at 50% off they were a worthy addition to my closet.

Disclaimer – if you join CC from the links on this post I’ll get a $10 credit.


19 10 2012

Size matters…

Three years ago I spent the unholy sum of $2K on a giant 32″ monitor. For someone who works on their computer I can say without a doubt it was the best upgrade ever. I can have 3 full documents open and work on them simultaneously which is amazing. Life was good until recently when the monitor failed outside of warranty and I just couldn’t afford $2K on a replacement. I had to go back to a spare 17″ monitor I have. To picture that in the image above just imagine two monitors the size of my laptop screen instead of a mega monitor and the laptop.

You don’t truly appreciate the glory of computer monitor real estate heaven until you have it and lose it!  🙂 😦

Left to my own devices I would have recycled the big screen and got on with my life. Luckily my friend Kurt owns two of the same large monitors [yes his workstation is EPIC!] and both failed in the same way mine did. He researched the problem – which it turns out is common for this brand/model and discovered if you pull out the motherboard and heat it carefully the solder on the connections melts and the monitor is healed.

Of course it’s easy to damage the motherboard and monitor as you conduct this repair so it’s not risk free, but given that the beast was broken I was all for trying to fix it. Kurt managed to get her working for me. Which is so awesome! 🙂 Not only was the monitor saved from becoming e-waste my Lazy Rando Command Centre is back to full power! 😉 Best of all it was free – although I will make sure Kurt is rewarded with beer and burgers at our favourite pub.

Thanks Kurt!


13 08 2012

Look to the right of the screen for some nice links…

One of the features of this blog I love and hate is the long list of links over at the right side of your web browser. I love them because I use them myself to archive and retrieve useful sites. By having a public list of links I not only share what I think is cool with you, but I also get access to them myself anywhere in the world that has web access even if I’m not at my own computer. That’s handy!

What I don’t like so much is that a massive list of links needs continual attention or they go stale. Sites change URLs and others simply cease to exist with alarming regularity. Blogs are especially bad for changing from high quality regular updates to dead with no warning. It seems simple to visit each site regularly and fix any that have changed/died, but when you have 400 links that gets old fast.

Well I was getting embarrassed with the state of my blog’s links lately so I spent a few hours going through all the links and fixing them. They should be all good as of a week ago so click away!

BTW – if you ever find a link with a problem shoot me an email or comment on any post and let me know. I’ll fix it ASAP. Also if you have a link you want to share send it my way and I’ll post it in the appropriate section.

Why I do [don’t] read your blog?

8 05 2012

Where are the pictures????

I’m pretty picky when it comes to the blogs I read. There are a ton of bad ones out there, but also quite a decent number of good ones. I won’t name any in particular since I don’t want ninjas attacking me in my sleep!

Here is what I like in a blog:

  • topics I am interested in
  • minimum of a photo with every post ideally lots of photos
  • high quality photos
  • decent writing
  • reasonable spelling [I’m not perfect – you don’t have to be, but quick isn’t spelled kwik!!]
  • blog template/layout/colours that are comprehensible and easily readable
  • regular updates [less than once a week and I lose interest]
  • on going stories/topics I can follow

Here is what turns me off:

  • no photos = no reading on my part
  • few and/poor photos = less reading and maybe I’ll stop visiting
  • terrible spelling and poor writing = I’ll give up trying to understand what you are on about
  • post your heart rate/power meter data frequently and my eyes glaze over
  • post endlessly about trips and bike builds you are planning, but never complete either and I lose interest
  • post less than 1/week and I stop coming by
  • post erroneous info regularly

The key thing for me in a blog is that I get what I expect to get from it. I can accept infrequent updates if you are on a tour in a remote area. I can accept mediocre photos from a someone on a great tour who is able to write well. What I can’t deal with is randomly posted content that is never what I expect to see when I expect to see it.

As a blog author it’s very important to set the reader’s expectations to match what you are going to deliver.

Let me leave you with one tip to make your blog better [something that I learned the hard way] – post about things you have done – not things you hope to do. Especially if looking back you aren’t scoring about 90% on achieving your goals/projects. We have all read blogs that go on endlessly for months about gear selection, route planning, etc… for some major bike expedition that fails after the first week because they didn’t train or prepare well in real life – despite spending so much time on the blog. It’s lame, but not as lame as when the same person starts blogging about racing the GDR next year and spends a year going on about that only to fail to start or fail after day 3.


5 04 2012

See new tab at top of blog...

I’ve added an “About” page at the top of this blog. It also says FAQ since in explaining what this blog is about I tackled some of the often asked questions. If you can think of more Q’s that should be answered in the FAQ let me know.